TransNiteo PSP Themes

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TransNiteo is clean and decent point, if you are going to give a pleasant feeling of fluid on the programme XMB. With all NITEO designers make their full contribution to this Themes, lots of features have been added. This PSP themes compatible for 3.90 M33 firmware.

Download TransNiteo CTF

Download TransNiteo flash0

Gears of War Psp themes

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Gears of War psp themes created by Optic, and converted to PTF by SchmilK.

Download Gears of War PSP Themes

Simply Black PSP themes

Simply Black PSP themes [37X] PTF

Simply Black psp themes

Simply Black psp themes created by Evolve, and converted to PTF by madsoul you can download this theme at 2 forum

Download Simply Black PSP themes

Pursuit Force 4 PSP Themes (XMB)

Pursuit Force 4 PSP Themes (XMB)

free xmb psp themes

How to Run Theme:

Place theme.p3t file in X:/PSP/THEME/ folder and select theme from XMB->Settings->Themes
X is your psp USB or PSP media card
Or Download Only theme file directly from your PSP internet browser.

Download Pursuit Force 4 psp themes

Download Pursuit Force 4 psp themes + Picture